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Residential Section


To inspire participants thorugh a concentrated involvement with people they don't know, who are usually from different backgrounds, and bring alternative views to the challenges they will face.  The Residential section broadens their experiences by empowering them to make a difference in a team-based residential setting.


  • Meet people 
  • Develop the confidence to thrive in an unfamiliar environment
  • Build new relationships and show concern for others 
  • Work as part of a team towards shared goals
  • Accept responsibility for themselves and others
  • Develop communication skills and effective coping mechanisms
  • Develop respect and understanding for others
  • Show initiative
  • Develop the skills and attitutes to live and work with others.

Residential Section Ideas

- Service to Others
- Environment and Conservation
- Learning
- Activity Based

How Long For ?

The residential activity should normally take place over at least five consecutive days with a minimum of four nights spent away.  In exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the OA, this commitment can be spent over two weekends. However, it must involve at least four nights away within a 12 month period, during which the same activity is pursued.

Who With ?

They must join a residential activity individually and not as part of an existing group of friends.  It is acceptable to know a few of the others taking part, but the vast majority should not be people already known to the participant.

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