Causeway Open Award Centre
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Physical Section


To inspire young people to achieve greater physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle through participation and improvement in physical activity.


  • Enjoy keeping fit by choosing an activity which they enjoy 
  • Improve fitness by taking part in a physical activity on a regular basis
  • Discover new abilities 
  • Raise self-esteem through improvement of performance
  • Extend personal goals by involvement and sustained interest
  • Set and respond to a challenge by extending physical fitness and performance
  • Experience a sense of achievement from meeting a physical challenge

Physical Section Ideas

- Team Sports
- Individual Sports
- Water Sports
- Racquet Sports
- Dance
- Fitness
- Extreme Sports

- Martial Arts


Bronze3 or 6 months
Silver3, 6 or 12 months
Gold6, 12 or 18 months

Involvement is measured in full months with an average involvement of at least one hour per week.  There is flexibility as how the hours are deployed as long as there is regular involvement throughout.

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